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Sights of Staufen: My 9 Favorites

Staufen im Breisgau is a lovely city in the south-west of Germany. The little town is known for its wonderful nature and is a very popular travel destination because of the historical town center. Thanks to the very warm temperatures in the southern parts of the black forest, the region is also called the ‚Toscana of Germany‘. That’s why lots of travelers come back to the holiday region of Münstertal and Staufen.

For more than 20 years, I can call Staufen my hometown and I love to search for the nicest sights of Staufen and its surrounding area. In this article I will show you the 9 best sights of Staufen, I catched with my mirrorless camera.

The Staufener Castle

Next to all cracks, the Staufener Castle remains the symbol of the 7.800 inhabitant community. From the top of the hill you will have an awesome view over Staufen and the Rhine Valley. A glance in the courtyard of the Staufener Castle will furthermore show you some interesting insights of the historical past of the little city.

The Staufener Castle was originally built in the 12th century and was the home of the ‚masters of Staufen‘. Current findings suggest that even in the times of the Romans, there was a watchtower on the top of the hill.

Sehenswürdigkeit Staufen Staufener Burg

A sight of Staufen: The Staufener Castle during the sunset

Staufener Burg bei Sonnenungergang

The courtyard of the Staufener Castle

Aussicht auf Staufen

View from the Staufener Castle at the historical city of Staufen

Aufgang zur Staufener Burg bei Abenddämmerung

Way to the top of the Staufener Castle during the evening twilight

The city center

One of the most beautiful sights of Staufen is the historic city center of Staufen. Travellers enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in the comfortable town. Colorful house facades and lovely cafes invite you to enjoy Staufen from its most beautiful side.

You can also gaze at all the cracks caused by elevation of the ground, the historic city has to struggle now for more than 10 years. But because of them Staufen is now known all over the country.

To the left of the town hall you can furthermore have a look at the Hotel Löwen. This historic place will show you how 500 years ago, the alchemist and magician Johann Georg Faust got killed by the the devil, because he was trying to produce gold.

Staufener Innenstadt mit Blick auf die Burg

Colorful house facades with the Staufener Castle in the background

Panoramaaufnahme des Staufener Marktplatzes

The Staufener Market Place on a rainy day

Staufener Rathaus

View from the Staufener market place to the town hall

Pnaoramaufnahme vom Hirschen in Staufen mit bunter Häuserfassade

The hotel Hirschen in Staufen with a colorful ensemble of historical houses

The town lake

Between Staufen’s main railway station and the Neumagen (a river), you will find the Staufener town lake with a excellent view on the Staufener castle. The little lake is a perfect place to rest for fishermen and also a very nice sight of Staufen. Besides that you can enjoy a sunny day on one of the multiple benches. You may even catch a glance on one of the ducks, which live on the little island in the middle of the lake.

Once a year during the summer months you can also attend the festival of the local fishing association. There you can enjoy fresh and handmade fish specialties coming from the town lake.

Stadtsee mit Blick auf die Staufener Bug

Amazing sunset on the Staufener town lake

Staufener Stadtsee im Winter

The island of the town lake on a frosty day

The ‚Staufener Hinterstädtle‘

Not many visitors of Staufen get lost in the ‚Hinterstädtle‘, which basically describes the oldest part of the historical city. But it is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Staufen with all the colorful houses.

Narrow alleys, little shops and historical buildings will invite you to enjoy your stay. So don’t hesitate to have a look at one of the most romantic sights in Staufen.

Staufener Hinterstädtle

The ‚Staufener Hinterstädtle‘ on a rainy day

Romantischer Innenhof im Staufener Hinterstädtle

The ‚Staufener Hinterstädtle‘ in an evening mood

Probst´s Straussi in Grunern

A Straussi is basically a seasonal wine tavern where you can enjoy classical meals during the season of the wine makers. It is definitely a very nice place to have a vesper in the summer months, have a walk through the wine yards and enjoy the awesome view of Staufen and the Vogesen in France.

Staufen im Breisgau Aussicht

View from Probst’s Straussi on Staufen and Grunern

Blick auf die Vogesen

View on the Rhinevalley from the vineyards in Grunern

The Staufener market

Every wednesday and saturday, there is a very nice market taking place on the market place directly next to the city hall. There you can try all kind of local specialties, like the self made liquor from the Obstparadies Staufen. If you don’t feel like buying anything from the local producers or farmers, you can also enjoy to watch the turbulent market from one of the many cafes.


Blumenhändler auf dem Staufener Markt

Busy florist at the Staufener market

Der Staufener Markt

The turbulent market in Staufen

The ‚Messerschmiedfelsen‘

The ‚Messerschmiedfelsen‚ is a beautiful goal for ambitious hikers in Staufen. Here you can explore the forest a little more, while also doing some sports. Depending on your speed, you will need about one hour walking from the town hall to the ‚Messerschmiedfelsen‘. From there you will have an awesome overview over all the mountains and on top of the viewpoint you will be greeted by the holy Barbara.

Heilige Barbara auf dem Messerschmiedfelsen

The holy Barbara on top of the ‚Messerschmiedfelsen‘

Sonnenuntergang beim Messerschmiedfelsen

Sonnenuntergang beim Messerschmiedfelsen

Staufen at night

One more attraction is to see Staufen and the area during the night. The illuminated Staufener castle and the fascinating play of lights will bring Staufen in a totally different mood. A romantic night walk is definitely not a bad idea!

Nächtlicher Blick auf Staufen

Nightlights of Staufen

Staufener Städtle an Weihnachten

A Christmas night in Staufen

The red hill

The red hill is the little hill right next to the ‚Schlossberg‘. From there you have a magnificent view over Staufen, the Staufener castle and the Rhinevalley behind it. Most of the times you can even see the Vogesen from there. Local winemakers also grow lots of different vineyards on the red hill, which are doint very good, because of all the sun they can receive during the summer months.

Herbstliche Weinreben und Staufen im Hintergrund

Vineyards during the autumn months with Staufen in the background

Sonnenuntergang in Staufen

Dramatic sunset with a sight on the Staufener Castle


I hope I really could give you a nice overview over the best sights of Staufen. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Otherwise I’m looking forward to see you in Staufen!


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